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Our Offer

We offer our customers three options for our services.



The Guide


Once your order is validated, we will send you an email containing an explanatory guide detailing the steps for stopping the withdrawals from “xxxxxxx” and how to cancel your subscription.  This will be provided as a PDF and you can read the document directly on your computer, or print it.

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Once your order is validated, we will undertake all the necessary steps on your behalf: we will cancel your withdrawals from “xxxxx” and cancel your subscription. We will keep you informed by email at every stage of the service.

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This solution works like the “Turnkey” solution. However, our experts will handle your request as our first priority: your case will automatically pass in front of the “Turnkey” files. Our advisors are ready to answer any of your questions 24/7 and give you relevant information. Our team of specialists will be happy to arrange a call or email you with updates on progress, on your terms. Should you have any questions concerning your individual case, please feel free to contact us. Bonus: you will have access to telephone assistance (no surcharge).

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